A commitment to our future.

A commitment to our future.

The Multisector Blueprint for Aging is a new plan for the future to make sure all our state’s residents are included, valued and given equitable opportunities to thrive. As the number and proportion of older Minnesotans grows, the Blueprint guides us as we reimagine our communities as more age-inclusive places on every front—from housing and transportation to social connection and financial security.

The Blueprint is for all of us. If we’re living, we’re aging. This ten-year plan is the first of its kind in our state, bringing together state and local government, philanthropy, the private sector and other partners to ensure we seize the opportunities and meet the challenges associated with demographic shifts.

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Areas of Focus

The Blueprint is organized into four domains, each with a few corresponding strategic areas. These priorities were developed based on input from Minnesotans across the state, state agencies, and a variety of partner organizations.

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Connected Communities

Our communities will include housing, transportation and public spaces that foster well-being and social connection as we age.


  • Affordable Housing for the Lifespan
  • Multimodal Transportation Options
  • Public Spaces for All Ages and Seasons
  • Social Engagement
  • Long-Term Care as Home: Quality of Life, Quality of Care
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Emergency Preparedness, Individual Rights, & Safety

Our communities will ensure that we are safe, secure and respected as we age.


  • Inclusive Emergency Preparedness & Response
  • Elder Justice
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Optimized Health & Longevity

Our communities will have access to the health care, community services, and caregiver supports needed as we age.


  • Integrated Care: Health, Services, and Social Supports
  • Support for Family, Friend & Neighbor Caregiving
  • Age-Friendly Healthcare Access
  • Well-Trained and Well-Compensated Direct Care Workforce
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Economic Security & Vitality

Our communities will empower us to be financially secure and recognize us as valued contributors to the fabric of society as we age.


  • Affording Aging
  • Economic Contributions

The Multisector Blueprint for Aging is in development and will result in a publication and a data dashboard in 2025.

Equity Focus

We don’t all experience aging the same way.

While Minnesota is recognized for its high quality of life, unacceptable disparities exist – particularly for Black, Indigenous, people of color, and LGBTQ people. Those of us who have experienced decades of discrimination and inequities enter later life with the cumulative impact of this reality.

The Blueprint will help Minnesota become a place where all residents are included, respected, and empowered – regardless of age, income, physical or cognitive ability, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, geography, race, ethnicity or culture.

Minnesota is becoming more diverse. Bar chart showing percentage of Minnesotans who are people of color where people ages 0–19 are almost 5 times more diverse than people ages 65+.
Minnesota is becoming more diverse. Bar chart showing percentage of Minnesotans who are people of color where people ages 0–19 are almost 5 times more diverse than people ages 65+.

Featured Statistic Sources

2022 US Census, via Minnesota Compass

About Age-Friendly Minnesota

Age-Friendly Minnesota is a collaborative statewide effort to make our systems and communities more inclusive of and responsive to older adults.

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